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Septic Tank Lids

What are "risers" and why do I need them?

Your septic system, no matter what kind or how you use it, requires periodic service. Some systems, like aerobic treatment units, require much more frequent service. Other systems that utilize a stardard size septic tank will require less frequent service.

To service a septic system, regardless the type, requires opening the tank, taking samples, making adjustments, or at the very least a visual inspection of the condition of the solids accumulation and the physical condition of the interior tank components.

Having risers that come to the surface allow efficient access to your septic tank without having to dig up your yard every time. Every compartment of your septic tank needs to have a riser so it can be inspected. Without such access the service you receive on your septic will be limited.

To ensure you get the very best service from whoever is working on your system, ensure your system has risers on every compartment that finish about 1" above the ground surface. Contact a licensed and well trained service provider to tell you what size and where you need risers.

IMPORTANT!!! Make sure the lids to all risers are securely fastened, or that they are so heavy and strong that a child couldn't move one, or accidently fall through one. There are many stories of children falling into septic tanks, some drowning, and even one such story is too many.

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